Why has Celebrations switched to digital?
Over the last year or so, many of our readers have switched over to our digital version so that they can read Celebrations on any of their mobile devices, anywhere…anytime! As with most things, there are two sides to the story, and one of the realities of this shift was that producing the print version of the magazine became prohibitively expensive. So as a result, we’ve made the decision to go completely digital…which has the welcome benefit of being able to provide you with more online content! And to celebrate the launch of our new, expanded digital version, we’re extending everyone’s existing subscription by another year!
Another reason for our decision was our continuing efforts to “go green.” In doing so, we have long been researching print solutions (which exist, but continue to be very expensive), so we decided the best way to help our environment was to go digital with the magazine. 

How will I know when my subscription has expired?
With your last issue, you’ll also get a reminder that your subscription is up for renewal. Don’t forget, we’re extending your existing subscription by a full year!

What if I change my email address?
Simple! You can send us a note at [email protected] with your new email, and we’ll update It for you and send you a confirmation.

Will you be printing any magazines in the future?
Even though we are switching over to an all-digital format at the request of our subscribers, we do plan on continuing our Collector’s Edition Coffee Table Book Series (with our latest book being Nighttime Memories of Walt Disney World). Future titles will include tours of all of our favorite lands (filled with beautiful photos and features that will take you on a magical tour of our favorite lands of Walt Disney World).

Best of all, as a current subscriber, you’ll receive advance notice of upcoming releases, and you’ll get special offers reserved for our subscribers. Think of it as the Passholders Club of Celebrations Press!

Do you have any other questions we may not have covered here? If so, please send us a note at [email protected], and we’ll help you out any way again!

As always, we thank you so much for your continued support, and we look forward to sharing even more Disney magic with you in the coming years!